Canine Chiropractic

Chiropractic in the dog can be a useful technique if you experience any of the following presenting signs. As with the horse, it is essential that you have had consent from your primary vet before an assessment with the veterinary chiropractor. Often we speak with your vet and gain a full history before any examination is made.

The process of the chiropractic examination is the same as with the human or horse; we work systematically to assess each joint within the spine and limbs to ascertain areas which may be causing the problem. Areas of pain, tenderness or reduced motion (fixations) are then noted and small, specific adjustments in and around the area may be applied if deemed appropriate. This aids to reduce pain, return as best to normal function and prevent further deterioration of a condition. It can also help support recovery from injury and improve comfort when there is chronic disease. Potential expectations from the chiropractic assessment and treatment can be discussed with our Internationally Approved Veterinary Surgeon in Chiropractic (IVCA), Dr Marvin Firth.

Canine clinics are being offered at practices throughout Cornwall and London and home visits can be arranged. Some insurers cover the cost of chiropractic treatment and we advise that individual clients contact their policy providers prior to booking at appointment.