Conditions that could benefit from chiropractic and acupunture


Chiropractic can benefit all dogs to treat any small ‘niggles’ that are picked up during play and work. Agility and working dogs are particularly prone to picking up fixations in the spine.


Dachsunds, Dobermans and German Shepard Dogs are prone to congenital disease of the spine so chiropractic can be used to help prevent development of biomechanical disease such as disc hernia and discospondylosis.


Dogs with hip dyplasia, arthritis or other lameness problems are prone to back pain as they change their gait pattern to compensate for the pain in their limbs.



Non specific problems with digestion, and reproduction can respond to chiropractic treatment due to stimulation of the nerves that supply these organs.


Neuropathic disease such as lick granulomas can be resolved using chiropractic.


Bladder control or incontinence