Equine Breeding

At County Equine Ltd we realise that making the decision to breed your mare is an exciting time and a luxury in terms of veterinary care and treatment. As such, we believe that experience and value for money are essential in optimising the chance of a successful pregnancy and foal. Mares are examined at stud or at your home, and advice can be given to both the first-time breeder or more experienced stud. Dr Marvin Firth has developed skills in assisted equine reproduction such as Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled and frozen semen and Embryo transfer. He has worked in Europe (Belgium) and alongside vets in Newmarket and the Royal Veterinary College. He was awarded the first UK scholarship in Equine Reproduction sponsored by the Thoroughbred Breeder’s Association and Horseracing Betting Levy Board. He has also published and lectured on the topic of pregnancy loss in the mare and has had good success in achieving in pregnancies in mare’s with a known history of difficulty in conceiving. All routine reproductive ultrasonography is performed by Marvin, ensuring consistency and accurate timing; crucial for optimum results. Packages for breeding per cycle and season and individual components are available. Please contact County Equine to discuss your plans and best possible options.

logobeva  County Equine is on the BEVA Equine AI Register of practices

Research involving Dr Marvin J.Firth and the Royal Veterinary College in Pregnancy Loss

Recent Publications In The Field Of Equine Reproduction
Incidence and Risk Factors Associated with Early Pregnancy Loss in Thoroughbreds
Successful isolation and culture of equine placental cells (B.Rose and M. De Mestre) and imaging the pastern of the racehorse from failed early pregnancies.